Choreography - Kenneth Tindall
Original Scenario - Ian Kelly and Kenneth Tindall
Music - Kerry Muzzey
Set & Costume - Design Christopher Oram
Lighting Design - Alastair West

Wigs & Make-up Design - Richard Mawbey


“Often dominated by grand, neo-classical pillars which, courtesy of Alastair West's exceptional lighting designs, shine in an extraordinary orange-gold”

Mark Brown - The Telegraph

“Alastair West’s atmosphere-laden lighting employs gloom and shadow to heighten the changes in Casanova’s increasingly haunted mental state.”   Roger Foss - The Stage

“All of which was effectively enhanced by the eclectic lighting of Northern Ballet’s in-house designer, Alastair West” 

Graham Watts - bachtrack


“Enhancing the set is a stunning lighting design by Alastair West, at times flooding the stage with purples, greens and gold, creating an opulent visual feast; before contrasting this with solitary spotlights penetrating a smoky stage.”

Paul Sazabo - Exposed Magazine

“The church scenes of Act I are a great contrast to the gambling dens and salons of Act II and a lot of the credit for this all working so well has to go to lighting designer Alastair West.”
Tom King - Southside Advertiser

“Meanwhile the lighting brings it all to life, in new and innovative ways – from bold spotlights to glow-in-the-dark designs and props that cast light on the action on stage.”

Ali Turner - Leeds-list


Shortlisted for 2017 Knight of Illumination Awards